Does it Make Sense to Have Extra Key Fobs Made?

There is no doubt that key fobs and card keys are more popular than ever. While they were once considered options for security in hotels, corporate buildings, and government facilities, the fob are increasingly used in residential settings. While using a fob is great, what happens if something happens to it? By choosing to have a couple of extra fobs made, it’s easy to deal with just about any situation that arises.

One For Every Member of the Family

All permanent residents of the household who are over a certain age need to have their own fobs. That allows them to come right in after school even if the parents are still at work or are out running errands.

Access for a Guest

An old friend will be visiting for a week and will need to be able to come and go at will. In times past, that meant having a duplicate of the house key made. Today it could mean handing the guest a spare fob to use for the duration of the visit. Keeping one or two tucked away for these types of situations eliminates the need to rush around and find a locksmith who can make one on the spur of the moment.

Locking the Keys in the Car

Just about everyone has made the mistake of locking the keys in the car. When that happens, how will the individual get back into the house? Unless someone’s home to let the person in, that could mean waiting on the front stoop for a few hours. If there’s a spare fob tucked away in a secret place in the garage or storeroom, it will be easy enough to retrieve the fob, get into the house, and retrieve the the car fob that will make it possible to get to the original set.

Give the idea of additional fobs a little more thought. Consider what other ways they could be put to good use or come in handy in an emergency situation. Once the decision is made, talk with an expert who knows how to create the duplicates and ensure they are programmed correctly. All it takes is one instance of needing to use that spare fob to drive home how smart is was to invest in them.